House Of The Dragon: 8 Takeaways From The Royal Wedding, Rhaenyra’s Arrangement And More After Episode 5

House Of The Dragon: 8 Takeaways From The Royal Wedding, Rhaenyra’s Arrangement And More After Episode 5

House of the Dragon may never be the same after Episode 5, so here’s what fans should remember from everything that happened.

House of the Dragon S1E05 live Q&A discussion

Discussing House of the Dragon Episode 5!
This stream has no spoilers for House of the Dragon beyond S1E05. It does have spoilers for the original Game of Thrones show.

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House of the Dragon Episode 5 Podcast | Talking Targaryen – Full Take

Gil and Daniel give their full recap and analysis for Episode 5 of House of the Dragon, “We Light the Way”.

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House of the Dragon episode 5 dives deeper into new characters, and further deepens the rift between Alicent and Rhaenyra. Rhaenyra makes good on her promise to marry Prince Laenor Velaryon, and the preceding festivities are grand enough to rival the Red Wedding. We’re here to break down every clue, reference, and easter egg in this Game of Thrones prequel.

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Written by Brian Silliman
Hosted by Ryan Arey (http://twitter.com/ryanarey)
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Srinidhi Rao, and Sean Martin

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It’s time for another wedding in Westeros, and though the murder happened before the ceremony, the ceremony itself wasn’t a very happy one.

Welcome back to ScreenCrush, I’m Ryan Arey, and this is all of the Easter eggs, references, and little things that you may have missed from Episode 5 of House of the Dragon.

We get our first look at Runestone, which is the seat of House Royce in the Vale. You remember. Tyrion, the moon door, all of that. We quickly meet Lady Rhea and her cousin- you’ll remember that she is the estranged wife of Daemon Targaryen. He hates her, and as we soon discover, it’s mutual. She doesn’t seem to like her cousin Gerald either, so maybe she just doesn’t like anyone. Having a husband unsuccessfully try to divorce you around a thousand times might have that effect.

House Royce is one of the Vale’s most prominent houses, and we’ve met two of its members on Game of Thrones. Ser Waymar Royce is one of the first characters that we ever meet in the entire series, and his father Yohn Royce was a presence on the show from Season 4 onward.

When she returns to Runestone, Lady Rhea runs into Daemon, and as we’ve already mentioned, her disdain for him is not subtle. It’s made even more clear that Daemon doesn’t make it a habit of visiting often when she asks about what brings him to the Vale. Her remark about sheep lets us know that Daemon’s ongoing parade of insults about both her and the Vale have reached her ears. She knows what buttons to push with him, giving a diss about how Viserys chose Rhaenyra to be his heir instead of Daemon.

She’s not afraid until she asks what Daemon is going to do now. When he wordlessly continues to advance on her horse, she seems to realize that the moment has finally come. As formidable as Lady Rhea looks, Daemon is as unpredictable to her as he is to us. Her line of “I knew you couldn’t finish” as well as her remark about their unconsummated marriage lets us know that she might know all about Daemon’s sexual problems. Is he going to leave her there to die, like Arya once left Sandor Clegane?

No, he isn’t.

Now I didn’t catch this last week, but apparently in the brothel Daemon was able to be aroused. In the after show interview, the creators claimed this was because his power dynamic had shifted during that scene.

This was a marriage that was done out of duty, not out of love. It ends in murder, and will only lead to more conflict. When paired with secrets becoming more private knowledge, Rhea’s remarks about war, and sexual appetites in general, you have a scene that almost represents this entire episode. What is Daemon going to do next? He’s going to put his foot where it hurts and apply pressure.

When we first see Viserys, he is being brought a bucket to throw up in. He waves the bucket away, trying to contain his puke–before giving in and vomiting over the side of the ship. This shows that he is losing control of his body. This might just be seasickness, but the King looks like a tired and sick old man for most of this episode. He is well past his prime, and the vomit is going to come whether he waves a bucket away or not.

We see that Lord Lyonel Strong, former master of laws, has now been made Hand of the King after Otto Hightower was sacked in the previous episode. When he hands a handkerchief to the King post-vomit, we couldn’t help but think that his role has been reduced to what Jaime Lannister once said it was.

When we see Rhaenyra observing this, it likely reinforces what her duties as the Targaryen heir are. She did not take them seriously during her actions in Episode 4, and Viserys had to remind her of the bigger picture, including Aegon’s prophecy. Seeing the King in such a frail position lets her know that her time could be closer than she thought. She’s taking her role seriously, and no longer wears the Valyrian steel necklace that Daemon gave her around her neck. She took it off following their encounter in the previous episode, but it has stayed off.

Queen Alicent’s Theme – The Green Dress EXTENDED SOUNDTRACK (House of the Dragon Episode 5 OST)

Another House of the Dragon arrangement/OST! This time is Queen Alicent’s entrance to the Royal Wedding, with her iconic green dress. Loved every bit of episode 5, excited for the next!

0:00 = The theme as heard in the episode, in full
1:35 = Same, but I added instruments that are familiar to the score as heard in Rhaenyra’s Theme, end credits theme, and more..

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Un autre cover de House of the Dragon aujourd’hui, cette fois-ci il s’agit de l’arrivée de la Reine Alicent au mariage royal entre Rhaenyra & Laenor Velaryon, dans sa robe verte, iconique dans le livre, qui laisse présager beaucoup de choses pour les prochains épisodes!

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Original Game of Thrones Theme by Ramin Djawadi
Original Score for HBO’s House of the Dragon by Ramin Djawadi
Arranged & Orchestrated by Jeremy Brauns
Additional Composition by Jeremy Brauns